P1 Group Donates Resource To PSU

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P1 Group makes donation to Pittsburg State University College of Technology.  (From L-R) Dr. Bruce Dallman-Dean, Taylor Peak-Chapter Treasurer, Shontae Cobb-Chapter President, Brady Kyle-P1 Group (Alumni), Shannon Nicklaus-Faculty Advisor, and Ben Herzberg-Chapter Vice President.

Making an investment in our future!

$1500 To Hire An Intern This Summer

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MCAA believes that students who work for one of its members will enhance their education, their professional experience, and their interest in the mechanical contracting industry.

Therefore, the MCAA will offer grants to current MCAA members who hire undergraduates as interns.

Interns must be students in good standing at an accredited college or university.  Though MCAA encourages its members to give priority to students from its 50 student chapters, this is not a requirement for a grant.   Learn more.

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