MCA Knowledge Center Opens…

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The MCA Knowledge Center, located adjacent to the MCA Office (10955 Lowell Avenue in Overland Park) is now open!

This facility, complete with floor to ceiling Whiteboards and a State of the Art Projection System powered by Hanebutt Technologies, is available for use by MCAKC Signatory, Non-Signatory, and Associate Members at no charge.  Simply contact Cathy Paulson to book dates (based on availability).

The Center will serve as the primary venue for MCAKC Events and Education.  New classes of Signature Programs; Propel (Professional Program for Emerging Leaders) Stage III and MSP (Mechanical Service Professionals Training) kicked off this week.

MCAKC Nite @ The Mavericks…

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MCAKC Nite at the Mavericks was a terrific success!

The MCA of Kansas City’s Suite was at capacity for the matchup between the Missouri Mavericks and the Wichita Thunder.

Association events are open to all employees of MCAKC Signatory, Non-Signatory, and Associate Members.

Stay tune for a list of Spring/Summer events which will be posted on our website in the upcoming weeks.

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