Program Policy


The purpose of this program is to provide education stipends to contractor companies who are Signatory to either Local 8 or Local 533.  This stipend can be applied to defer costs associated with attending national MCAA educational events. It is intended to reward companies that actively participate in the local MCA-KC organization and its activities.

Earning Participation Points

Participation points are earned and awarded on a company basis. The selection or designation as to who within a qualifying company shall receive the education stipend shall be at the discretion of the company’s designated representative.

One (1) participation point shall be awarded to the company’s account for each individual who attends a local MCA-KC event, meeting, or function. No more than two (2) points can be earned per company per event. It is the responsibility of the MCA-KC office to track the accumulated points earned by each company.

MCA-KC Events that are eligible for participation points include:

  • Kansas City Night
  • Board Meetings (For Board Members)
  • Committee Meetings
  • Trustee Meetings (For Trustee Members)
  • General Membership Meetings
  • Local Educational Offerings
  • MCA-KC Charitable Golf Outing
  • Other events as approved by the Board of Directors

Earning Education Stipends

After a company accumulates 16 participation points, that company will receive an Education Stipend credit to be used within the next year. The Education Stipend will expire if not used within one year. No more than two stipend credits will be awarded to any company in a calendar year. At the end of each calendar year, each company’s accumulated participation points will be reset to zero.

The maximum value of each stipend credit shall be determined by the Board of Directors as a part of the budget for the MCA-KC and communicated at the beginning of the calendar year.

Education Stipends may be used to defer the costs for any single MCAA, MSCA, PCA, or NCPWB event. Any company may suggest another activity or event where a stipend might be considered, which would require approval by the Board of Directors.

After attending an approved event, the company will submit receipts, along with a copy of the Education Stipend for costs to be reimbursed. These costs can include transportation, conference registration fees, reasonable expenses incurred while attending, and lodging. These expenses will be reimbursed by the MCA-KC up to the maximum value of the Education Stipend.

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