MCA-KC Government Awareness Committee

The MCA-KC Government Awareness Committee exists to support the needed legislative changes to meet our goal of competing for every single mechanical contracting job in the Kansas City market.

To accomplish this goal, we must continue to develop a new level of cooperation with our union teammates.

In addition, we all have to work together to create substantive changes at the local, state, and federal levels of government. That means we must pursue legislation, regulation, and enforcement to level the playing field between union and non-union mechanical contractors.

Legislative Update

On Wednesday, January 10, 2013, the First Regular Session of the 97th General Assembly convened, and new members of the Missouri House of Representatives and Missouri Senate were officially sworn in to office.

Missouri House and Senate Leadership were appointed, and as we anticipated, Representative Timothy Jones was elected as Speaker of the House of Representatives and Senator Tom Dempsey was elected as President Pro Tem of the Senate.

After his swearing in as Speaker, Representative Tim Jones outlined his three legislative objectives:

1.  Economy

  • a.  Medical Malpractice reform
  • b.  Employment law reform
  • c.  Workers Compensation law reform
  • d.  Tax Credits
  • e.  Transportation/Infrastructure Funding

2.  Energy Policy
3.  Education Reform and Funding

Similarly, after Senator Tom Dempsey was sworn in by the Honorable Jack A.L.Goodman of the 39th Circuit Court, he presented his five objectives for the 2013 legislative session in his opening address:

1.  Economic Development

  • a. Business incentives
  • b. Reducing tax credits
  • c. Reducing income tax

2.  Improving the Legal Climate, mainly in regard to Workers Compensation reform
3.  Education, namely establishing a performance-based funding program
4.  Roads and Infrastructure
5.  Modifying Prevailing Wage law to reflect cost differences in different regions of the state

Please click below to download the latest Legislative Reports:

Prevailing Wage Report
MCA-KC 04.25.2013
MCA-KC 04.11.2013
MCA-KC 01.23.2013
MCA-KC 01.10.2013
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