Target Fund Analysis

We know that we are losing jobs and hours to non-union shops.

It’s no secret that non-union players have been taking work away from us, but one of the ways we have tried to combat this situation is the Target Fund program.

Our union teammates have stepped up to try to earn more work by making our pricing more competitive with non-union contractors.

To analyze the success of this program, we have looked at data from 2007-2011 – years in which both plumbers and pipefitters have invested significantly to help contractors win jobs.

The tables below tell the story.

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Union pipefitters have seen some success, especially in a difficult economic environment over the past two years, winning 251 bids, while losing 198 bids when target funds have been applied.

Union plumbers have lost 245 bids, winning 140.

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Overall, that adds up to 443 projects that should have been ours, and more than 50 projects were lost in 2011 alone. More strikingly, we have lost 527,890 hours of work to non-union shops. That’s the equivalent of more than 250 union jobs.

We need fresh ideas and approaches to win more projects, work more hours, and create more jobs.

Not only would adding more jobs and working more hours help our friends who are out of work, it would also help ease the stress on our pension programs. Losing 527,890 hours of work over five years means that our Union Pension Funds have lost more than $2,000,000.

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