Kansas City Zoo Project Tour

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Polar Bear BubblesThe MCA of Kansas City hosted a behind the scenes tour of the Kansas City Zoo’s two newest attractions.  The Zoo granted access to the inter workings of both the Polar Bear & Penguin Habitats.  This allowed the group to view each of these attractions impressive plumbing and mechanical components.

Thanks to all who came out and stay tuned for the next Project Tour.

WebLEM: 2014 Update

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WebLEM: 2014 UpdateTim Moormeier, President of U.S. Engineering and Ron King, Mechanical Estimating Segment Manager for Trimble were featured presenters at the MCA of Kansas City’s April Lunch & Learn.  The topic, WebLEM updates including tips in the art of accurate estimating as it relates to field and fabrication work using WebLEM.

This session’s material has been made available for your reference.

Video of Session     PowerPoint of Session

Educating Area High School Students

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CAPSThe MCA of Kansas City will partner with the Northland CAPS program next year to provide area high school students with a pre-professional, innovative, and entrepreneurial education through career oriented experiences that are both hands on and real world.  Students will participate in curriculum developed  by industry professionals with an emphasis on developing professional skills. (more…)

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