2023 Annual Membership Meeting & Luncheon with Robert Beck

The MCAKC's Annual Business Meeting featured a vendor expo and guest speaker MCAA President Robert Beck. Mr. Beck discussed the MCAA's 2022 - 2023 initiatives: member engagement, resource awareness, and industry improvement. The event also highlighted MCAKC achievements, educational initiatives like the IMPACT Leadership Academy, and upcoming industry events.

The Annual Business Meeting of MCAKC commenced with a vendor expo on August 30, 2023. A dozen vendors engaged with member contractors to present their products and offerings before the official business proceedings began. 

President Chris Hutchings from MMC Contractors opened the meeting by introducing Robert Beck, the President of MCAA National. President Beck highlighted 300 upcoming construction projects, each valued at over a billion dollars, scheduled to begin within the next five years. He emphasized the commitment of the United Association's (UA) to ensure a skilled workforce to meet the requirements of these colossal projects. President Beck discussed the release of an independent study demonstrating the value of union labor in construction projects. According to the study, union labor is 15% more productive and, despite the differences in per man-hour costs, union projects have a 4% overall cost advantage over non-union projects. Additionally, projects with union labor are 40% less likely to face workforce shortages. Finally, President Beck stressed the importance of MCAA members awareness of the extensive resources available to them through MCAA and MCAKC.

President Hutchings highlighted MCAKC's achievements in the past fiscal year, including expansion of activities, process updates, and staffing changes. Trustees provided updates on the Health & Welfare trusts, Pension Trusts, and Joint Apprentice trusts. Both pension trusts are in a healthy state, around 91% funded, and the Health & Welfare funds are also performing well. Local 8 and Local 533's apprenticeship programs are experiencing their largest classes in years.

Justin Gunter, MCAKC VP and Board of Education Chair, announced upcoming educational offerings, including the new IMPACT Leadership Academy (ILA). The ILA aims to cultivate new leadership and professional skills for participants, while also helping them acquire tools, visibility, and network necessary to become a force in the industry. A group of 16 MCAKC professionals will participate in the two-year program and become ambassadors for the association's outreach efforts. 

Various committee chairs provided updates on financial operations, Women in the Mechanical Industry (WiMI), Young Professionals (YPC), and Associate Members. The chosen 2023 Charity Partner, Giving the Basics, discussed their community impact and outreach. 

The meeting concluded with Executive Director Stacy Zerr highlighting MCAKC's activities beyond the classroom. The Happy Hour & a Half events are returning, with the first one featuring Milwaukee Tools Hard Hats to Helmets. Operational Managers can look forward to a Breakfast with the Business Manager event, providing an opportunity to engage with labor leadership and discuss challenges. An economic update and membership breakfast are also scheduled for December 6th.  There are several upcoming family events including a Fall Festival and Pictures with Santa. 

For more information on any of these topics, please reach out to Stacy Zerr, 913-948-9200.