Zimmerman Presents at KSU

The MCAA Student Chapter at Kansas State University hosted Matthew Zimmerman of Johnson Controls, Inc. as a School of Construction Guest Lecturer.

Each year, the Kansas State University School of Construction invites Industry Professionals to speak on topics ranging from construction projects, operational practices, logistical challenges, technology, and career opportunities within the industry.

Matthew Zimmerman's topic of "Connected Technologies" provided an overview on how the convergence of technologies and our increasing reliance on information systems within the built environment is reshaping paradigms in the Construction process.

This shifting landscape has given rise to the Technology Contractor, a new form of Tier One contracting that provides the building owner and general contractor with a single point of responsibility for the installation and management of all technology based systems throughout the construction process.  This includes services from budgeting, design, and planning assistance to the procurement and installation of an integrated enterprise that ensures the timely delivery of a secured and fully functional network of mission critical technologies.