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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Customer Service Essentials for Service Pros

Date(s): February 22, 2023

Time: 8:00 AM  CST - 12:00 PM  CST

Customer Service Essentials for Service Pros

In this seminar, service associates will learn best practices to deliver outstanding customer experiences. We’ll discuss customer expectations, learn strategies to be proactive, use techniques to work with difficult customers, and spend time practicing these skills through open discussions, role play, and small group activities. You’ll learn how to communicate with customers and make a customer service plan.

This course is designed for service-side employees.
Program Topics:

  • What customer service means to the company, the client, & you
  • Types of customers
  • Identify your level of customer service
  • The silent killer, the zone of indifference
  • Communication, attitude and first impressions
  • Perception is reality
  • Building Rapport
  • Anticipating the customer’s expectation
  • Proactive vs Reactive
  • Positive customer service plan
  • Impactful monuments (IMs)
  • Recovery from mistakes
  • Dealing with a challenging customer
  • Is the customer always right?


Woody Woodall started his career as a steamfitter with Local 602 in the Washington D.C. region, and after completing his apprenticeship, went on to become an instructor for the Union Apprentice Program. He has dedicated his life to teaching, coaching, and helping contractors be successful. He spent 45 years working his way through every job title in mechanical contracting. He’s served on countless committees, taught apprentices of his own, and finally after serving as the National Chairman of MSCA, he decided it was time to retire. But retirement for Woody doesn’t look like rounds of golf and beers on the beach. Rather, it’s more of an extension of his passion for education in the trades.

“I’ve had a chance to be around some of the most brilliant people in my industry — folks that are really focused on doing things right and improving at every turn. So that’s helped me to have that same mindset and learn from both the good and not-so-great things I’ve seen,” says Woody, reflecting on his life in the trades.

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$250 Associate Members'

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Killer Contract Clauses - Virtual Course

Date(s): February 22, 2023

Time: 8:00 AM  CST - 10:00 AM  CST

Killer Contract Clauses

Live Webinar Via Zoom

Program hosted by the MCA Affiliate Alliance.

In this webinar, we'll breakdown complex terms and conditions included in most construction contracts. You'll learn how to negotiate reasonable modifications to those terms and conditions to successfully manage risks imposed on your company.

We will explore the most common clauses project owners and general contractors use to shift risk to subcontractors. We'll focus on the risks they create and recommend reasonable changes you can make as well as strategies to negotiate these changes.

This seminar includes:

  • Risk shifting clauses (e.g., no-damages-for-delay, pay-if-paid, differing site conditions)
  • Process and procedure clauses (e.g., notice, submittals, payments, changes, disputes)
  • Design responsibility clauses
  • Clauses incorporated by reference
  • Contract exhibits

Cost: FREE to employees of Signatory Contractors and Associate Members.

Instructor - Chip Mitchell


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