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Live Webinars
How to Quantify COVID-19 Loss of Labor Productivity on Your Project
August 4 Noon to 2:00 PM

Latest Research Impacting Workplace Re-Occupancy Planning

August 11 Noon to 1:00 PM

Tackling Driver Health and Safety Challenges Posed by COVID-19
August 18 Noon to 1:00 PM

On Demand Webinars
Permanent Tech Solutions From the Pandemic
PDF: Webinar Handouts

COVID-19 Cleaning & Disinfecting Tools
PDF: Webinar Handouts

Influence Workers to COMPLY with COVID-19 Protections
PDF: Checklist
PDF: Webinar Handouts

Legal Issues Concerning COVID-19 Employee Screening
PDF: Webinar Handouts

The Effects of COVID-19 on Construction Contracts -
Notice, Contract Clauses, Schedule & Productivity Impacts

PDF: Webinar Handouts

HVACR/Plumbing Best Practices During COVID-19 Pandemic

Implementing Paid Leave Requirements Under FFCRA

What Keeps You Up at Night: How We Are Running Operations During COVID-19

COVID-19 Selling in Turbulent Times
PDF: Sample Letter for Building Owners
PDF: Webinar Poll Results

COVID-19 OSHA Enforcement Preparation

PDF: Webinar Handouts

Navigating Uncertain Times with Radical Self-Care
PDF: Webinar PPT
PDF: Webinar Handouts

Video: Best Practices for a Safe Jobsite

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Working Remotely Resources

Firewall - Paloalto
Spam Filter - Proofpoint
AntiVirus - Deepinstinct

Video: Working from Home: Tips to Excel

Webinar: Watch Now! Project Management Tools for Remote Work
PDF: Webinar Handouts

Webinar: Watch Now! Safely Working Remotely
PDF: Webinar Handouts
Next Generation of Data Security
PDF: Management Method Manual

COVID-19: What We Know & Tips for Staying Safe

Remote Work During COVID-19: HR Considerations

Steps to Handle the Stress of COVID-19