Coronavirus Resources

For the safety of our staff, the Mechanical Contractors Association of Kansas City will continue to work remotely until further notice.
MCAKC Education (including courses offered by Johnson County Community College), Committee Meetings, and Events will be held online or temporarily suspended through July 6 (refer to upcoming events calendar).

Please email Jacki Conn, Director of Eduation with any questions or concerns.

MCAA & National Resources

Online Courses, Webinars, & Videos

Live Online Course
Microsoft Teams Getting Started Working with Remote Teams
July 1  12:30 - 4:30 PM

Live Webinars
Estimating Labor Impacts: How to Use the MCAA Factors
June 9 Noon to 1 PM

Virtual Communication Skills
June 11  1 to 2 PM

COVID-19 Cleaning & Disinfecting Tools
June 16 Noon to 12:30 PM

On Demand Webinars
Influence Workers to COMPLY with COVID-19 Protections
PDF: Checklist

Legal Issues Concerning COVID-19 Employee Screening
PDF: Webinar Handouts

Calculating Impacts: How to Apply Measured Mile Method
PDF: Webinar Handouts

Identify and Reduce Social Engineering Attacks
PDF: Webinar Handouts

Navigating Uncertain Times with Radical Self-Care
PDF: Webinar PPT
PDF: Webinar Handouts

What Keeps You Up at Night: How We Are Running Operations During COVID-19

Strategies to Improve Your Business Cash Flow
PDF: Webinar Handouts

Future Planning for the Service Industry - Virtual Roundtable

Project Management Tools for Remote Work
PDF: Webinar Handouts

COVID-19 Selling in Turbulent Times
PDF: Sample Letter for Building Owners
PDF: Webinar Poll Results

COVID-19 OSHA Enforcement Preparation

PDF: Webinar Handouts

The Effects of COVID-19 on Construction Contracts -
Notice, Contract Clauses, Schedule & Productivity Impacts

PDF: Webinar Handouts

HVACR/Plumbing Best Practices During COVID-19 Pandemic

Safely Working Remotely
PDF: Webinar Handouts
Next Generation of Data Security
PDF: Management Method Manual

Kansas & Missouri Resources

Working Remotely Resources

Firewall - Paloalto
Spam Filter - Proofpoint
AntiVirus - Deepinstinct

COVID-19: What We Know & Tips for Staying Safe

Remote Work During COVID-19: HR Considerations

Steps to Handle the Stress of COVID-19