Online Education Courses

MCAKC has partnered with SkillPath to offer you access to their unlimited training programs. Register today to received one year of live, instructor-led workshops and unlimited access to webinars and on demand training programs. 

To complete one of the MCAKC Training Series below and earn your award, you must complete the require number of course hours for each series. Choose from the electives below.


Once restrictions due to COVID-19 are lifted, SkillPath will open their training facilities across the country for in person classes. These classes will also be included in your 1 year subscription and included in the MCAKC series.

Professional Communication

(Complete 25 hours from electives below)
Breaking Bad Communication Habits: Virtual Seminar
How to Become a Better Communicator: Virtual Seminar
How to Communicate with Tact, Professionalism, and Diplomacy: Virtual Seminar
Building More Effective Work Relationships: Virtual Seminar
Fundamentals of Communication: Video Training
Powerful Listening Skills: Video Training
Communicating with Different Personality Types: Video Training
Positive Persuasion: Video Training
Leading Productive Meetings: Video Training
Communicating with Tact in Difficult Situations: Video Training
Managing Conflicts and Preventing Communication Problems: Video Training
Breaking Bad Communication Habits: Webinar
Clear and Confident Communication Skills: Webinar
Communicating with Tact & Finesse: Webinar
How to Handle Emotions Under Pressure: Webinar
How to Remain Cool and Collected in Challenging Conversations: Webinar
How to Become a Better Communicator: Video

Assertive Communication

(Complete 25 hours from electives below)
Assertive Skills for Managers and Supervisors: Virtual Seminar
Excelling as a Manager or Supervisor: Virtual Seminar
Breaking Bad Communication Habits: Virtual Seminar
How to Communicate with Tact, Professionalism and Diplomacy: Virtual Seminar
Conflict Management Skills for Women: Virtual Seminar
Communicating with Tact and Diplomacy: Video Training
Strengthening Your People Skills in the Workplace: Virtual Training
How to Become a Better Communicator: Video Training
Assertive Skills for Front Desk Professional: Webinar
Assertive Skills for Women: Webinar
Confidence & Assertiveness Skills for Women: Webinar
Getting Results Without Authority: Webinar
Assertive Techniques: Video
The Power of Confident, Effective, and Assertive Communication: Video
Aggressive vs Passive Communication: Video
The Three "V's" of Communication: Video


(Complete 12 hours from electives below)
Payroll Law: Virtual Seminar
Finance 101 for Non-Financial Managers: Webinar
Finance and Accounting for Administrative Professionals: Webinar
Accounts Payable Compliance Best Practices: Webinar
Fraud Detection & Prevention for Account Payable: Webinar
Termination Pay Dos and Don’ts: Webinar
Fundamentals of Paid-Time-Off Policies in Today's Workplace: Webinar
Getting Delinquent Accounts to Pay Up: Webinar
How to Collect More Money!: Webinar
How to Read Financial Statements: Webinar
Payroll Law Update: Webinar
Payroll Taxes 101: Webinar

Human Resource Management

(Complete 25 hours from electives below)
HR Law: Virtual Seminar
Employment Law for Managers & New HR Professionals: Virtual Seminar
FMLA Compliance Update: Virtual Seminar
Managing Human Resources: Virtual Seminar
Payroll Law: Virtual Seminar
Dealing Effectively With Unacceptable Employee Behavior: Virtual Seminar
HR  Law: Video Training
FMLA - The Essentials: Video Training
Preventing Sexual and Workplace Harassment: Video Training
FMLA Medical Certification: How to Administer Leave, Minimize Abuse, and Prevent Lawsuits: Webinar
Fundamentals of Paid-Time-Off Policies in Today’s Workplace: Webinar
How to Prevent FMLA Abuse: Webinar
Managing the Complexities of Paid Sick and Family Leave Laws: Webinar
Untangling the Triangle: FMLA, Workers’ Comp and ADA: Webinar
Exempt Vs. Nonexempt: Understanding FLSA's Employee Classification Standards: Webinar
How to Conduct Effective Interviews: Webinar
How to Create a Mentally Healthier Workplace: Webinar
How to Create a Payroll Procedures Manual: Webinar
How to Legally Terminate People with Attitude Problems: Webinar
Mental Illness & Depression Under the ADA: Webinar
Records Retention and Destruction for HR: Webinar
Termination Pay Dos and Don'ts: Webinar

Excelling in Leadership

(Complete 25 hours from electives below)
How to Be an Effective Virtual Team Member: Virtual Seminar
Assertive Skills for Managers & Supervisors: Virtual Seminar
Excelling as a Highly Effective Team Leader: Virtual Seminar
Unconscious Bias: The Power of Positive Psychology: Virtual Seminar
Effective Performance Management: How to Achieve Excellence: Virtual Seminar
Leading Your Remote Team: Strategies for Success: Virtual Seminar
The Workshop on Leadership Development and Teambuilding: Virtual Seminar
Management Skills for First-Time Supervisors & Managers: Virtual Seminar
Being a Leader vs. Being a Boss: Video Training
Mastering Team Communication: Video Training
Team Relationship Management: Video Training
The Leader and the Work: Video Training
Decision-Making Skills: Video Training
Improve Team Decision Making: Video Training
Strengthening Leadership Skills for Managers: Video Training
Effective Performance Evaluation: Video Training
Performance Management Methods: Video Training
Professional Development and Performance Planning: Video Training
Coaching & Teambuilding Skills for Managers and Supervisor: Video Training
Dealing with Toxic Employees: Eliminating Bad Behavior: Webinar
How to Establish Effective Team Communication: Webinar
Coaching and Performance Management Strategies: Webinar
Leading a Cross-Generational Workforce: Webinar
How to Effectively Supervise Off-Site Employee: Webinar
Improving Employee Accountability: Webinar
Improving Employee Accountability in a Virtual Workplace: Webinar
Managing Employees Who are Stretched to the Max: Webinar
Managing Millennials and a Younger Workforce: Webinar
Managing a Younger Workforce: Introducing Gen Z: Webinar
Taking Control of Tough Performance and Attitude Problems: Webinar
Success Strategies for the Introverted Leader: Webinar
Survival Skills for First-Time Supervisors: Webinar
The Essentials of Management for First-Time Managers:: Webinar

Project and Time Management

(Complete 15 hours from electives below)
Fundamentals of Successful Project Management: Virtual Seminar
Managing Multiple Projects, Objectives and Deadlines: Virtual Seminar
Organizational Skills for the Overwhelmed: Virtual Seminar
Finding Value Across Multiple Projects: Video Training
Preparing to Handle Competing Priorities: Video Training
Managing and Setting Achievable Objectives: Video Training
Planning to Increase Project Profitability and Productivity: Video Training
Scheduling and Establishing Accountability: Video Training
Identifying Risk and Limiting Burnout: Video Training
How to Manage Priorities & Time: Webinar
The Essentials of Management for First-Time Managers:: Webinar
Time Management Power Tips – Webinar
Getting Organized - So You Can Get Down to Business: Video

Business Writing

(Complete 10 hours from electives below)
Business Grammar and Proofreading: Virtual Seminar
Writing Better Business Emails -  Video Training
Business Writing Workshop -  Video Training
Email Etiquette -  Video Training
Proofreading Skills and Strategies - Webinar
Business Grammar Crash Course - Webinar
Business Writing Essentials: Webinar
Communicating through Email: Top 10 Dos and Don'ts: Webinar
Writing that Means Business - Video
Business Writing Basics for Professionals: Video
Capitalization Mistakes that Will Make You Look Foolish in the Office: Article


(Complete 15 hours from electives below)
Team Fundamentals: Video Training
Leverage Team Dynamics and Cohesion: Video Training
Enhance Cooperation: Video Training
Establish Effective Team Communication: Video Training
Resolve Team Conflict: Video Training
Improve Team Decision Making: Video Training
Building Your Emotional Intelligence: Video Training
Developing Your Emotional Intelligence: Video Training
Team Relationship Management: Video Training
Managing Conflicts & Preventing Communication Problems: Video Training
Team Empowerment Module: Video Training
Defeating Negativity in the Workplace: Webinar
Developing Your Emotional Intelligence: Webinar
Handling Personality Clashes in the Workplace: Webinar
How to Establish Effective Team Communication:  Webinar
How to Handle Emotionally Charged Situations in the Workplace: Webinar
Dealing with Difficult People: What to DO and Say to De-escalate Volatile People and Situations: Video
Manage Projects and Priorities - Video


Jacki Conn, Director of Education at or 913.948.9200