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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Situational Leadership

Start Date: 11/17/2021 8:30 AM CST
End Date: 11/17/2021 4:00 PM CST

Venue Name: MCA Knowledge Center

10955 Lowell Avenue, Suite 1050
Overland Park, KS  United States  66210

Organization Name: MCAKC

Jacki Conn
Email: jconn@mcakc.org
Phone: (913) 948-9200

Situational Leadership

Situational leaders give their employees exactly what they need when they need it. They offer guidance, attention, and autonomy, and provide just the right amount of direction and support to help their staff succeed.
The situational leadership model is simple: give your people what they need when they need it to accelerate their development. Situational leaders offer guidance, support, and autonomy by providing just the right amount of direction and support to help their team members succeed. They know how to develop competent, self-reliant contributors who deliver faster results.

In this program, you will
  • Assess your leadership skills: gain awareness of your leadership skills’ strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots.
  • Discover the four different leadership styles (direct, coach, support, delegate) and work on their differences.
  • Become familiar with the four levels of maturity (low, medium, medium, high) and learn to diagnose those development levels in team members.
  • Identify the characteristics and needs of others in the 4 stages of development.
  • Learn to assess the situation and behaviors of the team members to determine the leadership approach to use to get the best results.
  • Learn to adapt your own communication style when interacting with different team members, ensuring that your message is understood.
Target Audience:
This course will benefit all managers, directors, and leaders with a variety of backgrounds and skill levels who want to develop advanced leadership skills.

Gary Polain is the Principle of OZmosis Leadership. A native born Western Australian, he began his professional career as a Mechanical Engineer specializing in power station design, dust pollution control, and mine ventilation systems. Gary has over the last twenty years committed himself to a most accomplished career in ‘Human Engineering’. Prior to starting his own consulting practice in 1996, Gary worked for Priority Management Systems, beginning in 1991 in Sydney as Australasian Sales and Marketing Manager. Gary has a unique ability to surface and share ideas, and then Coach, and inculcate measurable behavioral change in people, leading to increases in organizational effectiveness.