OMI Awards


The Outstanding Mechanical Installation (OMI) Awards recognize outstanding mechanical work completed within the previous two years by Signatory Members of Pipefitters Local Union 533 and Plumbers Local Union 8.

IDF/MCA Contractors

It is time to submit entries for the OUTSTANDING MECHANICAL INSTALLATION of 2017 and 2018 competition. You will find an entry form attached. As in the past, this contest is designed to recognize outstanding mechanical projects completed in the preceding two years as well as to honor and promote quality workmanship in the mechanical trade. Note: “Plumbing” is an individual category.

Once all entries have been received, the projects will then be divided into sub-categories of comparable size. The four categories are Heating Ventilating and Cooling, Process Piping, Refrigeration, and Plumbing.

Contest Rules:
  1. All installations to be judged must be the work of Pipe Fitters Local Union 533 or Plumbers Local Union 8.
  2. Projects must have been completed during the 2017 and 2018 calendar years.
  3. Since mechanical installations will be judged in dollar amount categories. It is necessary to include the total mechanical cost -- heating air-conditioning, ventilation, process piping, refrigeration and controls -- and exclude plumbing costs for the HVAC, Process and Refrigeration Projects submitted. It is necessary to submit the total plumbing cost for the projects being submitted for the new “Plumbing” category.
  4. A contractor may enter any number of projects but must designate the exact dollar amounts for each project.
  5. The deadline for submission has expired for the 2017-2019 award period.
The MCAKC will notify your Client that your company submitted their project for this recognition award. Please provide contact information for the Owner Representative in which to address this notification. This should create an excellent opportunity for positive public relations for your organization.

Questions? Contact Cathy Paulson (913) 948-9200.