Reimbursement Program

Education & Safety Reimbursement Certificates
The intent of this program is to reward Member Contractors who actively participate in MCAKC events. The program is designed to subsidize Education and Safety Equipment expenses for Member Contractors through the issuance of Reimbursement Certificates. Certificates may be used to offset costs associated with MCA of Kansas City Educational Programs, National MCAA, MSCA, PCA, and NCPWB offerings, or to provide reimbursement for Safety Equipment purchased by MCAKC Member Contractors. Member Contractors may request approval from the MCAKC Board of Directors to apply Certificate(s) to alternate industry educational events.

How to Earn Points & Certificates
Points are earned and awarded on a company basis. The selection or designation as to who within a qualifying organization shall receive Reimbursement Certificates shall be at the discretion of the organization’s designated representative.

MCAKC eligible events include; Kansas City Night, Board Meetings, Committee Meetings, Trustee Meetings, General Membership Meetings, Education Programs, Networking Events, Community Service, and any other event as approved by the Board of Directors.

One (1) Participation Point shall be awarded to a Member Contractor for employees who participate in MCAKC events, meetings, or functions. For MCAKC Team Events (i.e. Kickball, volleyball, softball, etc.) one point is earned for an individual that participates in more than 50% of the league games.  No more than two (2) Points may be earned per event.

Once a Member Contractor accumulates (6) Participation Points, they will receive a Reimbursement Certificate in the amount of $1,000 which expires one (1) year from the date of issuance. No more than six (6) Certificates may be awarded to any Member Contractor in a fiscal year (June 1 - May 31). At the end of each fiscal year, accumulated Participation Points reset to zero.

How to Redeem Certificates for Education or Safety Equipment
To redeem a certificate, receipts must be provided up to the value of the Certificate(s).  Multiple Certificates(s) may be used. Eligible expenses include; transportation, lodging, conference registration, and other reasonable expenses incurred in conjunction with attendance.  When redeeming Certificate(s) for local MCAKC educational programs, completion incentives will not be applicable.
Certificate(s) may also be redeemed for safety equipment or programs. Examples include safety manual development, purchase of safety equipment, or contracting a safety consultant. Receipts must be provided up to the value of the certificate.
Any “unused amounts” are forfeited.

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