Internship Grants

The Mechanical Contracting, Education, and Research Foundation (MCERF) was founded in 1989 by Members of the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) as a means to provide needed education, research programs, and products that the association either could not or should not undertake.

MCERF Internship Grant Program
Submitted Interns must be students in good standing at an accredited college or university.  MCAA encourages priority to students from its 50+ student chapters, however it is not required. Grants are paid directly by MCERF upon the acceptance of a completed Student Internship Application.  MCERF offers $1,000 Internship Grants with a maximum of two (2) per Member Company.

Eligible MCAA Members must be current and in good standing.  MCAA Members include its Mechanical Contracting and Mechanical Service Members, Plumbing Members, and its Manufacturer/Supplier Council Members.

MCAKC Supplemental Internship Grant Program
At the annual discretion of the MCAKC Board of Directors, this program extends a $1,000 Supplemental Internship Grant to MCAKC Member Contractors with a maximum of two (2) per Member Contractor.

This Grant is payable to the Member Contractor on the Intern's 60th day of employment and can be used independently or as a supplement to the MCERF Internship Grant Program.  

Cathy Paulson at 913.948.9200